Injury and Rehabilitation

Build your confidence or bring back your strength

After injury or illness NHS physios encourage continuation of exercise at home, I can help build your confidence or strength back to health.

Rebuilding your strength and confidence after an injury, operation or illness can help accelerate your health and wellbeing avoiding further injury and the onset of depression. I often refer to the importance of being ‘fit for purpose’, that is, fit for your world, not the Olympics!

Your Doctor or physio will advise when you are good and ready to return to exercise, post operative, post trauma or post illness. Once your physiotherapy sessions have been completed it is important to continue the work in your own time. Quite often people lack the self discipline to continue alone letting scar tissue, lethargy, lack of confidence or discomfort put them off continuing their journey of rehabilitation. On approval of your doc, we’ll make a slow and gentle start, rebuilding all the above so that you can continue to get stronger, leading a full life, probably even better than before.

During a period of rest, or illness other parts of your body can degenerate becoming weaker, or strained as they compensate for an injury elsewhere – it’s important we re-build all parts of your weak body and not just the part that ‘got sick’. We can do this in just a few minutes a day too, here and there, indoors or outdoors while walking the dog. It needn’t be a chore.

Feel free to discuss your options, I’d be happy to discuss your plan with your physio or Doctor should you wish, to help complete your progress, so you’re fit and well for your world.

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I’ve over 30 years experience in the Health & Fitness sector, and it is without question the most exciting time to be a part of it. New methods, studies and clinical trials in just the last few years have created faster, easier, and more sustainable ways to manage your health. Times are changing!

Health Coaching is a lovely one-to-one approach to helping you achieve your health goals. Such as improving sleepless nights, finding energy you thought you’d lost forever, managing stress, losing weight, toning up, becoming more flexible and mobile, strengthening your bones, joints and muscles using myriad enjoyable ways from Pilates to Boxing.

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