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So many exercise choices await you at Beach Pad TV, which I video JUST FOR YOU, PERSONALISED TO YOU and only AVAILABLE TO YOU – you’re sure to find something you love.

Pilates really is the most effective exercise for strengthening bad backs, relieving aching joints and helping shape your tummy area so it is flat and nicely toned. Originally an exercise that focused on your ‘core’, it has evolved to ensure every part of your body is as strong as it can be, using slow, controlled movements. Perfect for beginners and those already familiar with fitness looking to increase muscle length and flexibility.

Doctors are now recommending Pilates on a daily basis as an excellent form of exercise – originally a strict technique, it has now has evolved into a fully comprehensive exercise programme that suits all ages, in every condition. It is recommended due to it’s slow and gentle pace, ideal for those new to exercise initially, but increasing in intensity as your body strengthens ensuring it works within an extreme fitness regime, a sport specific requirement, or simply a weekly approach to keeping fit at a pace that you enjoy.

Almost all clients are advised to begin with a personalised Pilates programme purely because it prepares your core, balance, muscles and joints for further fitness training or weight loss goals. I like to think of your skeleton as scaffolding, and once strong, then it is ready and able to take on greater things. Starting an exercise programme before you body is ready can lead to injury, and Pilates, Pilates Stretch or Power Pilates is an excellent way to prevent injury, increasing your likelihood to continue and consequently achieve your goals.

Additionally, a host of exercise options exist at Beach Pad TV on YouTube, and these are tailor made to suit you, your likes and dislikes such as boxing, the fit-ball, mat-work, high intensity circuits, learning to jog, toning, heart rate activity, relaxing stretch, assisted stretch, hand-weights, ballet work, sport specific training or a mixture of the above to keep your regime focused, result orientated, interesting and fun. Don’t be scared of ‘exercise’ – it has moved on a lot in recent years and the most important message is to find something you enjoy, and I’ll help you do that – if you don’t know where to start. And we often just start with my popular ‘Minute A Day’ exercises to create the habit, and from there we keep building up your exercise and fitness ability, for YOUR WORLD.

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I’ve over 30 years experience in the Health & Fitness sector, and it is without question the most exciting time to be a part of it. New methods, studies and clinical trials in just the last few years have created faster, easier, and more sustainable ways to manage your health. Times are changing!

Health Coaching is a lovely one-to-one approach to helping you achieve your health goals. Such as improving sleepless nights, finding energy you thought you’d lost forever, managing stress, losing weight, toning up, becoming more flexible and mobile, strengthening your bones, joints and muscles using myriad enjoyable ways from Pilates to Boxing.

All designed to suit YOU and YOUR world.