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The Beach Pad is where it all began, a studio on the cliffs in East Sussex. It’s where personal training got personal, and health coaching emerged.

Now an online practice specialising in the reversal of obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes ensuring there is as much life in your life minimising the risks of heart disease, heart attack, stroke and many preventable cancers.

Lifestyle diseases, discomfort and difficulties are all at epidemic levels, which the NHS are unable to support. Obesity related for instance such as high cholesterol, heart disease or type 2 diabetes, as well as but not limited to IBS, inflamed skin or joints, some autoimmune conditions, stress, low libido, low energy and high blood pressure. Health Coaching is the future of health and fitness and we’re proud to be the first to offer this service not only in East Sussex, but for miles around too!

AND now AND long over-due on-line support across myriad personal health concerns WHEREVER IN THE WORLD YOU ARE with my unique online plans – they’re truly game changers.

“Now a member of the UK & International Health Coach Association I’m able to offer multiple health strategies. I’m very proud to be a part of the new ‘health and fitness’ world, that is Health Coaching.

Personal Training, just got personal, and I can’t wait to help you change your life”

Debi ‘Daisy’ Arnold
I.T.E.C Anatomy & Physiology/Healthcare/Massage
HND Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Behaviour Change & Human Nutrition
Level 4 Personal Trainer

Real Results | Real Fast | For Real People

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Talk to me if;

  • Have tried every diet under the sun

  • Have back problems

  • Don’t know where to start

  • Lost weight and put it all back on

  • Have other joint issues

  • Hate the gym and dieting

  • Need to lose weight once and for all

  • Feel ropey, tired and old

  • Haven’t exercised or dieted for ages

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“Fantastic course! Extremely well taught, very safe, well explained and above all really inspiring – thank you :-)”


Why Choose The Beach Pad?

Personal Training Just Got Personal!

I’ve over 30 years experience in the Health & Fitness sector, and it is without question the most exciting time to be a part of it. New methods, studies and clinical trials in just the last few years have created faster, easier, and more sustainable ways to manage your health. Times are changing!

Health Coaching is a lovely one-to-one approach to helping you achieve your health goals. Such as improving sleepless nights, finding energy you thought you’d lost forever, managing stress, losing weight, toning up, becoming more flexible and mobile, strengthening your bones, joints and muscles using myriad enjoyable ways from Pilates to Boxing.

All designed to suit YOU and YOUR world.