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Real help for real weight loss and keeping it off!

No gimmicks, or fads, just real food, 100’s of meal ideas, shopping lists, one to one support, daily check ins and reporting to keep you accountable, private members club, cooking tutorials, exercise masterclasses for fat loss, video support and tips, tricks, and cheats coupled with the latest scientific research and clinical trials into fast, safe and sustainable fat loss.

Fat loss programmes at The Beach Pad offer a real KICK START to a new healthier and happier lifestyle. Incorporating REAL FOOD for REAL PEOPLE – it is personalised to you, your life and the needs of your family or job. We’ll unravel your hurdles and crack it once and for all.

A recent level 4 HND in Obesity, Fat Loss and Behaviour Change now makes me a local expert in all things ‘big’. We live in an obesogenic environment so it is hardly surprising that obesity is an increasing trend. The slim are now overweight and the overweight are now obese. You are not alone, and whatever your reason for your weight increasing month by month, year on year – I can help change the direction of travel and bring you back into the healthy zone, before Diabetes, Heart Disease, CVD, High Blood Pressure, Immobility, Painful Joints, Metabolic Syndrome ALL start to shape your future.

Fat Loss programmes at The Beach Pad are one to one; include a computerised nutrient and food analysis, lifestyle review, measurements and an action plan. Which often involves a supermarket to fridge overhaul, a new shopping list for you or your family, healthy food cookery lessons based on food YOU like, gentle Pilates to help the aching knees and back – which the overweight invariably struggle with – amongst a host of other personalised support options to help YOU overcome your fat loss hurdles. During your journey, you’ll be able to tick along at a pace that suits you and your goals, with the option of a Power Zone, which is a recommended, safe and fast fat loss programme which can help accelerate the rate of fat loss quite significantly. You’ll need to have mastered the daily approach to healthy living I teach you in the first place – but then we can power it when we need to. I often teach weight maintenance before fat loss – since most people when they put their mind to it can shift pounds, however keeping it off seems to be the holy grail – so we crack this first and then go get the fat off.

If you have tried everything, yo-yoed all your life, hate the gym or group meetings, and don’t know where to start, message me now for the latest brochure, or lets get cracking with your Health Review Starter Pack TODAY!

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The Beach Pad is home to affordable one-to-one support and personal training incorporating Pilates, Sport Fitness, Stretch, Flexibility, Rehabilitation, Massage, Nutrition and Cookery Lessons for Fat or Weight Loss, Health, Relaxation, Beginners Running and Exercise, Intensive Bootcamp style sessions or a mix and match of ALL the above – to suit your goals.

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