Gift vouchers

A perfect gift idea

Gift Vouchers or Cards are perfect gift ideas for anniversary, birthday or Christmas. Ideal for staff, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives and friends.

Available in any amount and beautifully presented on glossy card, with a tagged and labelled envelope. Should you be in a rush you can pay by PayPal and I’ll email you your last minute Gift Vouchers – all done within seconds – ideal for a forgotten anniversary or birthday…

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Why Choose The Beach Pad?

Personal Training Just Got Personal!

I’ve over 30 years experience in the Health & Fitness sector, and it is without question the most exciting time to be a part of it. New methods, studies and clinical trials in just the last few years have created faster, easier, and more sustainable ways to manage your health. Times are changing!

Health Coaching is a lovely one-to-one approach to helping you achieve your health goals. Such as improving sleepless nights, finding energy you thought you’d lost forever, managing stress, losing weight, toning up, becoming more flexible and mobile, strengthening your bones, joints and muscles using myriad enjoyable ways from Pilates to Boxing.

All designed to suit YOU and YOUR world.